Choose the crusher according to the hardness of the stone

A large amount of gravel is often used in industrial buildings.
These gravel shapes are different, but the gravel naturally does not show this broken state.
Their original shape is mainly hard, large size and large area.

Due to the need of construction, construction workers use professional jaw crusher to break it into a specific shape for construction.
There are many types of crushers on the market.
When purchasing jaw crusher, we will choose a specific type according to the construction requirements.
Otherwise, we will not be able to meet the construction requirements and waste money.

Different crushing equipment is usually needed in industrial buildings. Because the hardness of the original stone is different, the water content and density of the stone are also different, so different jaw crushers should be used for construction.
In stone crushing operation, some jaw crushers are suitable for crushing high hardness stones, while others are suitable for breaking hard stones, so it is necessary to determine the hardness of stones before purchasing stone crushing equipment.
Then select the index value to match the crusher.

Each jaw crusher has its own ore supply capacity. In the actual crushing process, the jaw crusher depends on the ore feeding equipment of the machine to add ore raw materials.
Some crushers have large capacity for mining equipment.
A large amount of ore raw materials are added to the gravel operation, and some crushers reduce the ore supply capacity due to the small ore supply capacity.
Therefore, it is necessary to know the skills when buying machines.
Performance of feeding equipment.

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