Barite beneficiation process

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The main component of barite is barium sulfate, which plays a very important role in various industries such as the chemical industry, counterweight, and oil well. One of the processes in the production process of barite is beneficiation. The high-quality barite obtained from the beneficiation is ground into powder.

Barite crushing process and equipment

The barite processing technology and the method of beneficiation and purification in the processing flow are mainly gravity separation methods. High-quality barite is extracted from barite ore by the gravity beneficiation method, and gangue and waste rock with a small specific gravity is discarded to improve the gravity. The specific gravity or grade of the spar ore, and then after dehydration treatment, it can enter the grinding process.

Barite is a very important ore resource. Barite processing technology: Barite raw ore is washed, screened, crushed, graded, and deslimed, and then subjected to a jigging process to obtain better quality concentrate. The product grade can reach more than 88%.

The crushing of barite generally uses a jaw crusher or impact crusher, and the fine crushing generally uses a counter-roll crusher. Barite is brittle and fragile, so in the crushing process, we recommend using a jaw crusher to avoid using an impact crusher or hammer crusher to crush barite to produce a large amount of fine ore. The raw ore can get a better crushing effect after passing through a jaw crusher.

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