Application of cyclone in fluorite ore dressing

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Hydro Cyclone is suitable for processing various types of pulp. Whether it is coarse or fine slurry, it can be effectively classified by cyclone

1. Grinding and classification

In the fluorite ore dressing process, grinding is an important link. Due to the different embedded particle sizes of fluorite and gangue minerals, it is necessary to separate the monomers through grinding. The cyclone plays a key role in the classification process after grinding. Through the classification of the cyclone, the slurry after grinding can be divided into coarse particles and fine particles. The coarse particles return to the mill for further grinding, and the fine particles enter the next beneficiation process. This not only improves the grinding efficiency, but also ensures the smooth progress of the subsequent beneficiation process.

2. Pretreatment before flotation

In the flotation process of fluorite ore, the particle size distribution of the slurry has an important influence on the flotation effect. The cyclone can pretreat the slurry before flotation to separate the coarse and fine particles in the slurry. This can avoid the interference of coarse particles in the flotation process and improve the quality and recovery rate of the flotation concentrate.

3. Dehydration of concentrate

In the final stage of fluorite ore dressing, dehydration of concentrate is an important link. The cyclone can be used for the initial dehydration of the concentrate. Through the separation effect of the cyclone, the water and fine particles in the slurry are separated, thereby increasing the solid content of the concentrate. This not only helps the subsequent filtration and drying of the concentrate, but also reduces transportation and processing costs.

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