Advantages of dry sand making plant

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dry sand making plant

The demand for sand and gravel continues to increase, and sand and gravel enterprises are ushering in a favorable situation. In order to seize the market dividend, it is necessary to ensure that the production mechanism sand has a round shape and reasonable gradation, and can meet the demand for construction sand with high standards. The investment in sand making equipment also puts forward higher requirements.

In recent years, the dry sand making plant has made great achievements in the field of machine-made sand with the advantages of high quality, good gradation, cleanliness and environmental protection, and strong adaptability.

Product features of sand making building
The sand-making and powder-separating integrated machine with a self-developed porous rotor structure adopts synchronous crushing technology and shaping process, which improves the crushing efficiency and feed particle size while realizing crushing sand making and aggregate shaping.

Combining air separation, high-frequency vibration screening and other technologies, the separation of overrun materials, finished sand, and dust is realized.

Intelligent control realizes adjustable fineness modulus of finished sand.

Combined with the off-line dust cleaning pulse dust removal device, the stone powder content in the finished sand can be effectively controlled. At the same time, the system as a whole operates in a negative pressure state, and there is no dust overflow, realizing the value concept of green sand making and intelligentization.

dry sand making plant

In terms of production process

The sand making building adopts the dry sand making process, which is not limited by water sources and the environment, and can also be produced in places where water resources are scarce. The stone powder produced during the production process of the equipment can be collected into the stone powder bin through the powder classifier, and the whole process does not require water. Compared with the wet sand making process, it not only saves water and does not produce sewage discharge, but the collected stone powder can also be effectively used in other fields, saving mineral resources.

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