Trommel scrubber for gold mine processing plant

Gold ore washing equipment

Placer gold deposits are similar to placer deposits and are deposited on hillsides, river beds, and lakeshore shores, forming a certain enrichment called placer gold deposits. Under normal circumstances, the placer gold ore has a high degree of monomer dissociation. Using a drum sieve to first screen out large pieces of waste rock that do not contain gold, and the gold ore is left on the sticky gold cloth to obtain a good index. Placer gold drum sieve and spiral chute, gold selection shaker, etc., are all commonly used placer gold reselection equipment.

Main characteristics of the drum screen

1. The principle of rolling conveying is adopted, the friction coefficient is small, the wear is light, and the screen holes are not blocked.
2. The roller bearing adopts the overall through-shaft structure, which runs smoothly, does not vibrate, and has low noise.
3. The placenta roller screen mesh fitting adopts split design, simple structure, fast and convenient replacement and maintenance.
4. The placer gold drum sieve operates safely and reliably, with small belt power, low energy consumption, and obvious energy saving effect.
5. The rolling cage screen has high reliability and less one-time investment.

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