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How to choose the sieve panel of the mining vibrating screen

The advantages of a large circular vibrating screen are high efficiency and good screening of large particles. However, when selecting the screen, the selection error will often cause more than the gain, which will bring you a certain loss. Circular vibrating screens are usually divided into the following categories.

1.304 stainless steel mesh: The advantage of stainless steel woven mesh is that it can prevent rust and corrosion and has strong wear resistance. Because the diameter of large particles is required to be coarse, the cost is too high, so it is not recommended. Therefore, it is mainly to screen 5-10mm granular materials. However, for light materials, some bouncing balls should be added to increase the impact of the screen and increase the penetration rate.

2. Manganese steel mesh: The advantage of manganese steel woven mesh is to screen materials with a large proportion and large particles, but it has poor corrosion resistance. It mainly screens 10-200mm particles. The circular vibrating screen is better to prevent rain during use. In a waterproof environment. If the environment cannot be changed and it is not used for a long time, it should be covered with tarpaulin in time, because the rainwater contains a lot of acidic substances and is highly corrosive.

3. Perforated plate mesh: The material of perforated plate mesh is divided into carbon steel and manganese steel, and manganese steel is usually used. The advantage is that the efficiency of screening the same type of material is higher than that of manganese steel mesh. Because the perforated plate mesh is a flat plate, the screening efficiency is faster and there is material leakage. It is not recommended to screen small particle materials, and the effect of screening 150-300mm particle size materials. In addition, compared with other screens, the perforated mesh has a longer life.

4. Polyurethane panel mining screen: For ore materials, the hardness is high. The smooth and elastic surface of the polyurethane screen can effectively reduce the impact of the ore and protect the wall of the circular vibrating screen from damage.

5. When installing the screen and the screen, pay attention to the installation requirements. The width of the screen and the screen frame should be the same. The length of the screen should be greater than the length of the screen by 50mm so that the material can reach the discharge port smoothly.

Use and maintenance of YK circular vibrating screen

The vibrating screen should be started when there is no material on the screen surface, try to avoid starting with materials, and feed materials only after the screen machine runs smoothly. Feeding should be stopped before shutting down, and shut down after the screen surface material is removed.

During the working process, the operation of the sieve should be observed frequently. If abnormal movement or abnormal noise is found, the machine should be shut down for inspection in time to find out the cause and eliminate the fault.

After the vibrator has been used for 6 months, check the grease condition. If it is dry or hard, it should be cleaned and replaced with new grease. The bearing should be cleaned and checked once a year.