Sewage purification system of ore washing plant

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ore washing plant

Limestone will inevitably carry a lot of impurities during the mining process. The original screening process in the industry is difficult to remove, which greatly affects the quality of lime and ultimately affects the quality of steelmaking. How to deal with the dust generated during transportation is also an industrial problem. The ore washing machine is like a large-scale “drum washing machine”, which can fully wash the sediment and other impurities entrained by limestone at 360 degrees, which not only improves product quality, but also effectively eliminates transportation dust and fully meets the ultra-low emission requirements.

How to deal with the muddy water after stone washing is also a long-term “headache” for the steel industry, and even deters many companies planning to build limestone washing production lines. What should Shagang do? The answer is, loop them all!


Outside the wall of the washing workshop is the water treatment system. There are complete purification facilities such as sedimentation tanks, filter tanks, and reaction tanks between the two water storage towers. Shagang adopts a new water treatment process, which can realize the separation of mud and water in muddy water in just a few minutes. The purified water is then sent to the washing machine as cleaning water, so that all water sources can be recycled and reused without a single drop being discharged.

“The water treatment efficiency of this production line is industry-leading, and the floor area is only about one-tenth of other water treatment systems.” The filtered sediment enters the filter press to be pressed into mud cake, which is also used as raw material for sintering , The entire production line has achieved “win-win” in terms of economic benefits, environmental benefits, and quality benefits.

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