Drum ore washing machine for mineral processing

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roller ore washer

Drum type ore washing machine is used for all kinds of hard-to-wash large ores. The washing efficiency can reach about 98%.
It has the advantages of large-capacity storage hopper, easy disassembly and assembly and transition, stirring and tumbling of spiral blades, pushing and secondary cleaning of stones.

The principle is the same as that of the drum mixer, the disassembly and assembly are convenient and the requirements for the site and foundation are simple, which is suitable for the occasion of mobile construction.


roller ore washer

Because the amount of mud and dust attached to the raw stone provided by the general quarry is not large and the adhesion is small, the cleaning process does not need to be too long. The key is that when the stone is cleaned and unloaded, the dirty water in the trough should not be attached, which will cause secondary pollution of the stone. .

The cleaned stone is generally transported to the finished product storage area or storage hopper through the belt conveyor, so it is best to cover the storage area or wash it for use.

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