Zero Discharge Process of Desulfurization Wastewater in Coal-fired Power Plant

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Past treatment methods of desulfurization wastewater

It can be seen from the current operation that the wet desulfurization technology covers a relatively wide area. Its function is to filter and separate the waste gas discharged from coal-fired plants in the limestone slurry. When treating these waste water, the waste water must be discharged according to the location of coal-fired power plants. Features, choose sodium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid or heavy metal chemical elements and other conventional methods for treatment, and then treat the wastewater.

Treatment method for zero discharge of desulfurization wastewater

Sludge Thickening Tanks

Sludge thickener

1 Need to remove heavy metals
After applying some alkaline reagents, it can not only increase the PH value of wastewater, but also discharge most of the values, such as silver atoms and copper atoms. In many cases, there is often a PH value in the range of 8.0-9.0, and in this case some hydroxides will appear, and these heavy metals will eventually be released.

2 Neutralize wastewater
In this stage, a certain amount of desulfurization wastewater needs to be poured into the mixing tank, and then alkaline chemicals and lime need to be mixed and treated. If the pH is changed, the fluorine atoms need to be removed, and finally a reasonable construction process is introduced. To promote the stable development of work.

3 Flocculation treatment
In the two construction techniques mentioned above, after the reaction is completed, the flocculant with a quantity can be mixed into it. The reason is that some large particles gradually change and gradually settle toward the bottom area. What needs to know is that some flocculants can be directly added to the wastewater mixing tank first, and the precipitated substances in the hydroxide can be treated reasonably, so that the desulfurization wastewater will shrink.

4 Separation and clarification
In general, if the flocculation step is completed, the filter press needs to be filtered, especially after the substance is precipitated, the liquid should be separated, of course, these substances need to be transported to the outside. Then the removal is completed, and the liquid in the desulfurization wastewater pool is re-filtered until it meets the standards.


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