Tailings sludge dewatering filter press

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The tailings sludge treatment equipment is a kind of solid-liquid separation equipment, which can continuously work and filter a large amount of mud. It is squeezed through the belt, and the two-layer filter cloth mud is filtered through the concentration section of the equipment to remove water, and then passed through the equipment. The “s” area presses and dehydrates the rollers to achieve the effect of mud dehydration. The equipment is fully automatic 24 hours a day, very automatic, no matter in operation or manual expenditure, it saves a lot of expenditure! A high degree of automation will make the operation efficiency of the equipment high and will not affect the entire project processing.

Product advantages
Large amount of mud treatment, high dehydration efficiency, low water content of filter cake.
The separation of mud and water is realized, and the clear water can be recycled. The mud cake cannot be grasped by hand, and there is no water dripping during packaging and transportation.
Adopt advanced frequency conversion speed regulation, can effectively control the processing speed, convenient management, simple operation.
High-efficiency pneumatic deviation correction can effectively prevent the deviation of the filter screen.
The operation is simple, fully automated, and the labor intensity is low, which can reduce labor costs.
Using high-quality steel, one-time investment, long-term use
The large amount of processing per unit time can greatly save the processing cost of waste slurry, greatly reduce the amount of waste slurry transported abroad, and save engineering expenses.
It can be customized according to customer needs, and adjusted for different materials and concentrations to achieve the ideal separation effect and meet the different needs of customers.

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