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The forecasted total demand for construction sand in Fujian from 2019 to 2021 is approximately 330 million cubic meters, with an average annual average of approximately 110 million cubic meters. The total annual control of river sand mining in Fujian is only about 7 million cubic meters. The annual production capacity of existing machine-made sand is about 20 million cubic meters, and the gap between sand and gravel exceeds 80 million cubic meters.

In the case of a shortage of river sand, sea sand is rapidly circulating in the market as a supplement, and it has penetrated into central my country from coastal provinces and cities such as Guangdong, Zhejiang and Fujian. It is understood that the coastline of my country’s mainland is more than 18,000 kilometers long and has abundant sea sand resources. Insiders believe that vigorously developing the sea sand desalination industry may be an important way to alleviate the contradiction between the supply and demand of construction sand in the future.

In early June, the Department of Natural Resources of Guangdong Province issued the first announcement of this year’s sea sand resource listing. The sea sand resource is located in the east sea area of ​​Lingding outside the Zhujiang Estuary of Zhuhai. The sea sand resource reserves are 31.563 million cubic meters. This sea sand is also in Guangdong Province in recent years. Among the sea sand resources to be sold, there is the largest single reserve.

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However, judging from the current development situation, due to objective conditions such as the evaluation criteria of desalinated sea sand and market testing methods, the chloride ion content is different, and the quality of sea sand varies greatly. It is necessary to choose advanced technology and capable manufacturers.

Regarding the use of sea sand, the market is facing more questions about whether its chloride ion can be thoroughly diluted. Faced with such a huge influx of sea sand, sea sand desalination has to arouse people’s attention as a way to ensure the quality and safety of sea sand. Sea sand purification equipment can bring customers high-quality sand. Equipment investment is small, long-term stable profitability.

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