Sand washing wastewater treatment system

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Traditional sand washing, wastewater from the quarrying industry, and waste residues have serious environmental pollution.  Sand washing equipment with a wastewater treatment system is increasingly important for sand and stone factories. LZZG environmentally friendly washing Sand equipment has been exported to Southeast Asian countries, familiar with the local environment, geological conditions, and rich experience.  Vietnam, Malaysia, and Thailand have strengthened environmental protection control measures. Washed sand can be widely used in concrete, mortar, and products, and it has increasingly shown good market prospects in modern construction projects.
Environmental protection sand washing production line equipment includes mine vibrating screen, sand washing machine, fine sand recycling machine, sludge concentration tank, slurry pump, filter press, etc.

sand washing plant with wastewater treatment system

Working principle of sand washing wastewater treatment equipment

The wastewater in the sand washing wastewater transfer tank is pumped into the sludge thickener (S-6000) by a vertical pump. The concentrated mud flows into the mud transfer tank by self-flow, and then is pumped by the special pump of the filter press, and then enters into the chamber filter press, and is filtered by the filter press into a mud cake and discharged. At the same time, the sludge thickener overflows the clean water, and the clean water filtered by the filter press returns to the clean water transfer tank, thereby achieving fine sand recovery efficiency, solid waste dry discharge treatment, and water resource recovery and reuse.

Improve customers’ sand washing and tailings treatment equipment and process solutions

The main pollution factors of sand washing wastewater are chemical oxygen demand and suspended matter, and the content of suspended matter is the largest, the concentration is about 3000mg / L, forming a large amount of muddy water. The characteristics of the mud depend on its composition and local geological conditions.

The physical treatment of sand washing wastewater is mainly to reduce the suspended matter in wastewater; the wastewater after cutting and washing will be recycled; the treated waste residue will be dehydrated and transported out for disposal. According to the actual production situation of the sand washing plant, design the sand washing wastewater treatment process.

Brief introduction of environmental protection fine sand equipment

Sand washing equipment

Deep cone thickener

filter press and Sludge Thickening Tank
Filter Press The user can choose the square filter plate of the sludge filter press suitable for his material according to the different production process requirements

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