Goals and methods of mine ecological restoration

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Mineral resources are very important non-renewable natural resources. It is not only an indispensable material foundation for human society’s survival and development, but also a resource guarantee for the implementation of economic and social sustainable development strategies. While promoting economic development, the development and utilization of mineral resources has also caused serious ecological damage and environmental pollution, becoming an important factor restricting the long-term development of the economy and society.

Mankind has clearly realized that the coordinated development of the economy and the environment is the basis of the development of the entire society, and the state of the ecological environment has become an important indicator of the measurement of social and economic development. Pollution control, land reclamation and ecological restoration in the development of mineral resources are a major problem before us.

Land reclamation and ecological restoration are effective ways to solve environmental protection and comprehensive management of mines. In recent years, the research on ecological restoration of mines in China has developed rapidly, and the ecological reclamation of mining land has been gradually carried out. In order to avoid and reduce the damage to the environment, the corresponding reclamation and ecological restoration plan should be formulated and adjusted according to the technical characteristics of the mine during different mining periods and the natural environment, etc. Realize the restoration of mine ecological function.

The ecological restoration of mines is by no means the restoration of natural ecosystems. It is also necessary to consider the restoration of economic and social systems that match the natural ecosystems. These two systems must be interrelated and inseparable.

Mine ecological restoration cannot deliberately and blindly pursue a specific restoration state, and the goal of ecological restoration must be set according to the area, location and ecological suitability of the mine.

How to repair?

So, what is the goal of ecological function restoration? First, we must consider how to carry out stable restoration under ecologically appropriate conditions; second, whether we can achieve a better ecosystem structure after restoration; finally, our ultimate goal is to achieve better Ecological functions, such as water conservation functions, water and soil conservation functions, recreation and entertainment, etc.

In terms of ecosystems, ecological restoration is the transformation of species, population or biodiversity restoration to ecosystem restoration. This restoration emphasizes the restoration of ecosystem structure, process and biodiversity. In natural ecosystems. However, for the restoration of mine ecological functions, it is necessary to comprehensively consider economic and social goals, including cultural functions, aesthetic functions, and public perceptions.

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