Main uses of power plant desulfurization gypsum

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The difference between desulfurized gypsum powder and general gypsum powder is the difference in physical composition. The desulfurized gypsum powder also contains silica, sodium oxide, calcium carbonate, calcium sulfite, limestone, calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, etc. Compared with other gypsum powder, desulfurized gypsum powder has the characteristics of renewable, small particle size, stable composition, low content of harmful impurities, and high purity.

Industrial developed countries have better solved technical problems such as the transportation, drying, modification, and application of desulfurized gypsum. The gypsum industry is adopting desulfurized gypsum on a large scale, and the application technology is relatively mature. Japan is the first country in the world to apply desulfurization equipment on a large scale, and discharges nearly 2 million tons of desulfurization gypsum every year.

Desulfurization gypsum in power plants is chemical gypsum, which has the chemical composition of gypsum, but does not have the characteristics of natural gypsum as a cementitious material. Many acid wash plants, titanium dioxide plants, sulfuric acid plants and other process wastewater treatments produce a large amount of chemical gypsum, forming chemical Pollution, there is still a lack of a decent way to absorb chemical gypsum. Existing use of chemical gypsum to make gypsum whiskers, crystal calcium sulfate, and chemical gypsum to produce building blocks, etc., is in vain. Due to limited use, there is no intention to actively use it, which is the passive thinking adopted by enterprises to reduce the proportion of solid waste emissions.

The gypsum desulfurized in power plants is only a primary product and needs to be reprocessed. However, as a kind of waste, we must rationalize resources and can do many things such as: cement retarder, building gypsum powder, paper surface Gypsum board, gypsum block.

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