Magnesite ore washing waste water and slurry treatment equipment

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Magnesite ore washing waste cement slurry treatment equipment. A method for recycling magnesite ore washing wastewater.
1. Drain the washing wastewater into the filter tank to filter the bulk impurities, dry the bulk impurities and return it to the magnesite washing equipment;
2. The waste water enters the deep cone thickener through the outflow end of the regulating tank, and the coagulant is added to the thickener and stirred;
3. Lead the clear water from the upper layer after standing still into the storage tank for ore washing and reuse. The device can recover and utilize mine washing wastewater, is environmentally friendly and has no pollution, and has strong practical value.

sand washing waste-water treatment system

Magnesite beneficiation

The purpose of magnesite beneficiation is to remove harmful impurities and improve the grade of ore, mainly to solve the problem of separation of silicate gangue minerals and magnesite. The beneficiation of magnesite ore began in the early period of World War II, when it was mainly hand-selected. Since then, methods such as heavy-medium beneficiation, flotation, and thermal separation have come out one after another.

Flotation is one of the main purification methods for processing magnesite. For gangue minerals such as talc, quartz and other silicate minerals, the flotation is usually carried out under the natural pH of the slurry, and amine cations are added to collect Agents and foaming agents can achieve good results, increasing the purity of magnesite to 95%-97%.

Zero-emission system for mine tailings

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