Design of Green Aggregate Plant

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According to the concept of the whole life cycle, in the mine design and development stage, systematically consider the greening of equipment manufacturing, production, transportation, logistics and other links to reduce the impact of the mine on resources and the environment during the whole life cycle.

Studies have shown that 80% of the resource and environmental impact of the product’s life cycle depends on the design stage. The overall green planning and design of mines is an important part of the overall construction of a green manufacturing system.

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Gravel Equipment
1. Green equipment design. In the design stage, it is necessary to consider easy disassembly, easy recycling, and easy repair of the structure to meet the requirements of recycling and remanufacturing of waste machinery and equipment.
2. Green process materials, replacing traditional process materials that pollute the environment and threaten human health.
3. Green manufacturing process, the application of green manufacturing technology for precise forming of parts can reduce processing man-hours and achieve the goal of energy saving and consumption reduction.
4. Green product packaging, using environmentally-oriented product packaging design, materials and structure, making packaging waste easy to recycle and processing, and minimize resource consumption and waste generation.
5. Green processing and recycling, using waste parts remanufacturing technology to solve the problems of wear, cracks, fatigue, damage and other failures of mechanical equipment parts.

Production Process
Adopt clean production processes, technologies and equipment to minimize pollution, improve the level of clean production in the industry, and form a green production method.
Use clean energy such as electricity to reduce the impact of exhaust emissions on the environment; use the potential energy of the transported materials to generate electricity and save electricity.

1. For short-distance transportation, new energy CNG (compressed natural gas), LNG (liquefied natural gas) vehicles can be used, or belt pipeline gallery transportation can be used.
2. For medium and long distance transportation, the use of tonnage and container transportation has become a new trend.
3. For long-distance transportation, gas engine cargo ships are the future development trend due to the high comprehensive emission indicators of diesel engines.

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