Hydro-cyclone separator for separating coal

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Does the cyclone need desliming before separating coal?

Generally speaking, the precision of desliming and separation before separation and the efficiency of coal separation are high. Due to the low content of non-magnetic materials in the feed material for desliming before the selection, the product after the selection has better de-intermediation effect, small flow rate, low media consumption, stable suspension density, high separation accuracy, convenient production management, and can reduce The number of magnetic separators and the area of ​​the de-intermediate sieve; however, the process system is relatively complicated due to the pre-selection de-sliming link.

Theoretically speaking, the pre-selection non-sliming separation method has an impact on the separation accuracy of raw coal, especially the separation accuracy of fine-grained coal. The amount of primary slime is large, the de-intermediation effect is poor, and the separation flow is large. However, the pre-selection non-sludge separation method has a simple process system and low washing cost.

hydrocyclone desander
LZZG cyclone meets the needs of different coal quality
Optimized structural parameters to ensure satisfactory technical performance
High-quality wear-resistant lining for longer service life
Detail-oriented manufacturing process, approaching better product quality
Reasonable stage division, lower operating costs, less maintenance costs

Working principle of cyclone:
The cyclone relies on centrifugal sedimentation for separation, and the two-phase mixed liquid mixture that needs different proportions is fed from the feed port on the upper part of the cyclone cylinder section at a certain pressure, thereby forming a strong rotational movement in the cyclone. Due to the density difference between the light phase and the heavy phase or the force difference between the thickness and force, the centrifugal force and the fluid drag force are different, which are eliminated by the cyclone overflow, and the heavy phase is discharged from the underflow port.

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